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Car loan

  • tailor repayments to suit your income, with weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments
  • choose a loan term to suit your budget (up to 60 months) - the longer the term, the lower your repayments
  • we'll give you the best interest rate we can, based on your personal profile

If you're in business, you may claim GST on your vehicle purchase price at the start of the loan. The vehicle is recorded as an asset on your balance sheet, so you can claim depreciation.

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Finance lease

Leasing is a cost-effective way to use a vehicle without the responsibility of ownership.

  • lease term of 46 to 48 months
  • fixed payments for the term of the lease
  • business customers may be able to claim GST, find out more
  • long term lease with the option to buy

Vehicle leasing is a convenient option if you use your vehicle for business, plan to use the vehicle for a fixed period of time, or like to upgrade regularly.

Cost of borrowing and standard terms

For information about standard form contract terms, interest rates and fees, when financing with MTF Finance, see Cost of borrowing

Standard terms
  • Compare loan vs. lease
    At the end of the contract
    Residual value liability
    Can be new or used
    Are recorded on your balance sheet
    Fixed rate for the full term of the contract
    Calculated on GST-inclusive price
    Calculated on GST-exclusive price
    Tax benefits for business
    Interest and deprecation are deductible
    Calculated on goods value
    Risk protection
    Comprehensive insurance (required)
    Mechanical breakdown insurance (optional)
    Payment waiver (optional)
    Minimum-maximum 3-48