Peace of mind protection

Protect yourself from unforeseen events and keep you and your new car on the road with our range of protection products that we can tailor to suit your needs.

Payment waiver

You can't predict when you might be affected by redundancy, injury, illness or even death, or how you'll manage if your vehicle is written off and you still owe money.

Payment waiver is an optional product you can select which provides protection if the unexpected happens. When payment waiver applies, the payments under your contract will be waived, within agreed limits, if an agreed event occurs and all other conditions are satisfied.

The cost of payment waiver is included in your repayments for the full term of your loan. You choose the level of payment waiver you want, so that your repayments will be taken care of.

  • Payment waiver options
  • Level of payment waiver Events to which payment waiver applies
    • death
    • disablement
    • terminal illness
    • redundancy
    • insurance shortfall
    • death
    • disablement
    • terminal illness
    • redundancy
    Silver plus
    • death
    • disablement
    • terminal illness
    • bankruptcy
    • insurance shortfall
    • death
    • disablement
    • terminal illness
    • bankruptcy
    Bronze plus
    • death
    • insurance shortfall
    • death
    • insurance shortfall

    What is insurance shortfall?

    Insurance shortfall is the difference between the payout under your comprehensive vehicle insurance policy for a total loss of your vehicle and the amount you owe MTF Finance on the same vehicle. When payment waiver applies, payment of that difference is waived, up to $10,000.

    What happens if my circumstances change?

    If you select payment waiver with your finance, we will waive your loan repayments if something unexpected happens, such as redundancy or a serious illness that prevents you from working for an extended time.

    You choose the level of payment waiver required at the time you take out the loan.

    If you can't manage your repayments for another reason, talk to your local MTF Finance contact as soon as possible. We may be able to help you find another solution.

    How do I make a claim?

    Please call 03 378 3425 or email [email protected].

    Read Payment Waiver - Summary of Terms for more information about exclusions and stand down period.

Vehicle insurance

With mechanical breakdown and comprehensive insurance, you’ll have peace of mind no matter where the road takes you.

Mechanical breakdown insurance

We’ve partnered with Autosure to provide Mechanical breakdown insurance that covers repair costs if your car has an unexpected mechanical or electrical problem. You can also cover an electric vehicle. The cost of your cover is spread over the term of your loan repayments, making it an affordable protection against the unexpected.

You’ll get access to an unlimited number of callouts from AA Roadservice, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Plus, help with accommodation and transport if you’re caught out far from home.

  • Mechanical breakdown insurance details
  • 24-hour AA Roadservice

    Roadside help is only a phone call away for:

    • mechanical breakdown
    • a flat battery or tyre
    • an empty fuel tank
    • losing your car keys
    • locking yourself out of your car.

    For roadside assistance, call 0800 581 581 and quote your policy number and vehicle registration number.

    Accommodation and vehicle rental

    If it takes more than 24 hours to repair your vehicle, and you're more than 100km from home, you'll be reimbursed for accommodation, rental car or return home travel (maximum $ limits apply).

    Vehicle recovery

    Covers the cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest approved repairer.

    Generous claim limits

    There’s no limit to the number of claims you can make during your policy, although there may be a limit to the amount of an individual claim, with total claims limited to the market value of the vehicle recorded on the policy.

    You must keep your vehicle servicing up to date. Check your policy for timing.

    How to make a claim

    1. Call Autosure on 0800 809 700 to make your claim and find your nearest authorised repairer.
    2. Drive your vehicle (or have it towed) to your authorised repairer.
    3. Present your policy to the repairer to determine if the breakdown is covered and request the repairer contact Autosure.
    4. Autosure may also require other documentation, such as proof of servicing and other relevant invoices. You may be required to complete a claim form.

    For more information about conditions and exclusions, check the policy document for your vehicle and cover level.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance protects you and your vehicle if you have an unforeseen accident. You’ll need to provide details of your comprehensive insurance cover when you take out the loan.

MTF Finance has partnered with Autosure to provide motor vehicle insurance product Car Insurance. This product is underwritten by Vero.

With a choice of three levels of protection, Car Insurance offers a no-fuss solution to protect your vehicle.

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, our friendly team can help you organise affordable, appropriate cover for your new vehicle.