Terms and conditions

Loan calculator

The calculator provides an estimate and is not an offer of finance.

  • estimated payments based on loan paid in equal monthly instalments over full term
  • interest rate may be lower or higher depending on borrower
  • includes establishment fee of $376.00 and monthly maintenance fee of $8.50
  • does not include optional payment waiver

For further information on interest rates and fees, see the Cost of borrowing

Finance approved. Today.

If you provide the documents set out in 1-6 below before 16:00 on any business day, and otherwise satisfy MTF Finance credit criteria, we will approve your loan on the same day. If any of the documents are not provided, MTF Finance credit criteria are not met, or MTF Finance or third party systems are not available, we may not be able to approve your loan within that time period, or at all, and will work with you to explore other options.

Loan approval is at the absolute discretion of MTF Finance and will not be unreasonably withheld, if all conditions are met.

To enable MTF Finance to process your loan application, you must:

  1. provide a signed and completed MTF Finance application and supporting documentation before 16:00 on any business day
  2. provide your NZ driver licence, for validation
  3. provide transaction account bank statement, less than 30 days old, showing transactions for a calendar month, borrower name, address and bank account number
  4. provide confirmation of your address: bank statement, utility bill, rates, NZ government documentation or insurance confirmation showing your name and physical address
  5. give permission to MTF Finance to complete a credit check and outstanding court fines check
  6. satisfy MTF Finance credit criteria

Mechanical breakdown insurance

With mechanical breakdown insurance you may be covered if your vehicle has an unexpected mechanical or electrical problem.

Payment waiver

Payment waiver may take care of your repayments if you have a major life event such as redundancy, injury, illness or even death.